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The cigarette cards in the set are;  : Irish Setter,Bull Terrier Puppies,Welsh Springer,English Setter Puppies,Sealyham Terrier,Cocker Spaniel Puppies,Griffons,Clumber Spaniel with Puppies,Great Dane,Pug Puppies,Lakeland Terriers,Pekingese,Chow,Saluki Puppies,Bull Terriers,Corgi Puppies,, Airdale,Poodles,West Highland Terrier,Bedlington Terrier,Springer Spaniel,Border Terriers,Bobtail Sheepdogs,Corgi,Wire-Haired Fox Terrier,Dachshund with Puppies,Irish Water Spaniel,Dandie Dinmont Terriers,Alsatian,French Bulldog,Chow Puppies,Borzois,, Mastiff Puppies,Norwich Terrier,Dalmatian Puppies,Skye Terriers,Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies,Golden Retrievers,Great Dane Puppies,Irish Terrier,Bulldog Puppies,Dalmatian,Bobtail Sheepdog Puppy,Labrador Retrievers,Cairn Terriers,Pomeranians,Welsh Terriers,, Gordon Setter,
Pattrieux Dogs
1939 beautiful set of 48 real photographic cigarette cards of different dog breeds, vg
£32.50 £25.00
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Pattrieux British Railways
1938 complete set of 48 photographic cigarette cards, excellent images, excellent condition
£40.00 £20.00
The cigarette cards in the set are; N.A.A.F.I., An Anti-Aircraft Gun, Training Naval Gunners, The World's Largest Man o' War, '_______ that guard our Native Shores', Britain's Naval Might, Laying a Smoke Screen, A Cruiser, Semaphore Signals, A Naval Landing Party, A Smoke Screen, 'The Rock', H.M.S. Nelson, H.M.S. Worcester, A Ship's Galley, Hoisting a Sea Boat, Holystoning the Deck, Scrubbing Decks, A Carley Float, Physical Jerks, Cadets 'Shooting the Sun', Entering Harbour, Hoisting a Torpedo, Lowering a Boat, A Naval Band, The Guns of H.M.S. Nelson, Preparing a Boat for Sea, The 16-inch Guns of H.M.S. Rodney, Folding the Wings, The Blacksmith's Shop, Eyes of the Fleet, H.M.S. Sturdy, Repairing a Target Ship, Paying the Hands, Commissioning a Battleship, Reconnaissance 'Plane Taking Off, The Admiral Strikes His Flag, Launching A Paravane, The Guns of H.M.S. Warspite, 'Taking it In-Board', H.M.S. Repulse, Telling the Marines, 'Spit and Polish', H.M.S. Eagle with Aircraft up, Deck Hockey, Painting the Anchor, Painting the Ship & Heaving the Lead
Pattrieux The Navy 1937 set of 48 large size photograph cards near mint condition 35.00 20.00
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Pattrieux Sights of London 1935 set of 48 photographic cigarette cards medium size near mint condition 60.00 60.00
The cigarette cards in the set are :: Sandringham House, Stonehenge, Balmoral Castle, Cockington, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Shakespeares Birthplace – Stratford upon Avon, Holyrood Palace, Dovedale, City Walls – York, Chequers, Conway Castle, The Mersey Tunnel, Buckfast Abbey – Devon, Laxey Wheel – Isle of Man, Edinburgh Castle, Clovelly, Trinity College – Cambridge, Haddon Hall, Anne Hathaways Cottage, St Andrews, RMS Queen Mary, Roman Baths – Bath, Blackpool, Menai Tubular Bridge, Fountains Abbey, Lands End, Warwick Castle, The Forth Bridge, Gretna Green, Chatsworth House, The Great Orme – Llandudno, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, York Minster, Dr Johnson House Lichfield, Salisbury Cathedral, Cheddar Gorge, Canterbury Cathedral, Ryland's Library, Big Tom, Brixham Harbour, Dukeries, Liverpool – Waterfront, Cowes, Bramall Hall, Plymouth Hoe, Osborne House – IOW, The Needles – IOW & View of Thames from Richmond Hill.
Pattrieux Sights of Britain 1936 second series of 48 photographic cards  medium size EXCELLENT  with book


12.00 12.00
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Peninsular India Hindoo Gods 1909 incredible colouring & art, complete set of 25, pretty backs also, excellent condition N/A