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The cigarette cards in the set are Blackbird,Blackcap,Bullfinch,Chaffinch,Cormorant,Corn-Crake,Cuckoo,Curlew,Golden Eagle,Spotted Flycatcher,Goldcrest,Goldfinch,Red Grouse,Guillemot,Common Gull,Sparrow Hawk,Jackdaw,Kestrel,Kingfisher,Lapwing,Linnet,Magpie,Moorhen,Nightingale,Nightjar,Barn, Owl,Oyster Catcher,Wood-Pidgeon,Tree-Pipit,Razorbill,Ring-Ousel,Robin,Rook,Common Sandpiper,Red Backed Shrike,Skylark,Hedge Sparrow,Tree Sparrow,Starling,Stonechat,Swallow Egg,Common Tern,Song-Thrush,Blue Tit,Pied Wagtail,Reed-Warbler,Whitethroat,Great, Spotted Wood Pecker,Wren,Yellow Hammer
Ogden's Bird's Eggs
1923 die-cut cigarette cards excellent condition Bird's Eggs 1923 die-cut cards excellent condition
The cigarette cards in the set are : 1 Blackbird 2 Blackcap 3 Bullfinch 4 Chaffinch 5 Cormorant 6 Corn-crake 7 Cuckoo 8 Curlew 9 Golden Eagle 10 Spotted Flycatcher 11 Goldcrest 12 Goldfinch 13 Red Grouse 14 Guillemot 15 Common Gull 16 Sparrow Hawk 17 Jackdaw 18 Kestrel 19 Kingfisher 20 Lapwing 21 Linnet 22 Magpie 23 Moorhen 24 Nightingale 25 Nightjar 26 Barn Owl 27 Oyster Catcher 28 Wood Pigeon 29 Tree Pipit 30 Razorbill 31 RingOusel 32 Robin 33 Rook 34 Common Sandpiper 35 Red Backed Shrike 36 Skylark 37 Hedge Sparrow 38 Tree Sparrow 39 Starling 40 Stonechat 41 Swallow 42 Common Tern 43 Song Thrush 44 Blue Tit 45 Pied Wagtail 46 Reed Warbler 47 Whitethroat 48 Great Spotted Wood Pecker 49 Wren 50 Yellow Hammer
Ogden's British Birds
 1923 pretty set of 50  cigarette cards die-cut cards, near -mint
£40.00 £30.00
The cigarette cards in the set are; The Transit of Day-Old Chicks, How to Make a Nest for a Sitting Hen, Fireless Brooder, Ventilation for Poultry Houses, Small Intensive House, Pegging Poultry Wire, Stretching Wire Netting, Gate and Fasteners for Poultry Run, Preparing Soft Food, Trap Nests, Testing Eggs for Fertility, Grit and Shell Box, Hospital for Poultry, Scratching Sheds, Sitting a Broody Hen, Dust Bath, Protecting the Sitting Hen From Rats, Scaly Legs, Cockerel or Pullet? Hopper Feeding, Chicken Water Fountain, Gapes, Fattening Coops, Chicken Lice, and The Sleigh House.
Ogden's Poultry Rearing & Management
1st series 1922 nice colourful set of 25 cigarette cards  complete of cigarette cards , all very good
Sold out
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Poultry Rearing & Management
2 nd. series 1923 nice colourful set of 25 cigarette cards  complete, all very good but just 5 cards have slight marks on back side.
Sold out
The cigarette cards in the set are: Apple Sammy, Artist Glow, Booklet, Buckler, Colorado, Comedy King, Coronach, Finglas, Friar Wile, Gay Lothario, Grandlight, Grassmoor, Happy Recruit, Harpagon, Jessel, Lancegaye, Legionnaire, Lex, Lightning Artist, Pantera, Phanarite, Pharan, Review Order, Rosehearty, and Swift and Sure
Ogden's Derby Entrants
1926 complete set of 25 cigarette cards. very good
£62.50 £50.00

Ogden's The Story of Sand
1935 very beautiful interesting set of 50 cigarette cards , excellent condition
The cigarette cards in the set are : Full list: 1 Shodfriars Hall, Boston, Lincolnshire 2 Market Cross and Stocks, Bottesford, Leicestershire 3 The Bowder Stone, Borrowdale, Cumberland 4 Old Bridge and Chapel, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire 5 Bronze Tables, Corn Street, Bristol 6 Market Cross, Castle Combe, Wiltshire 7 The Cross, Chester 8 All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire 9 Wool Market, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire 10 Triangular Bridge, Crowland, Lincolnshire 11 The Butter Market, Dartmouth, Devonshire 12 Yarn Market, Dunster, Somersetshire 13 Buttress, All Saints' Church, Dunwich, Suffolk 14 Old Canongate Tolbrooth, Edinburgh 15 Queen Eleanor Cross, Geddington, Northamptonshire 16 The Abbot's Kitchen, Glastonbury, Somersetshire 17 Saxon Church, Greensted, nr. Chipping Ongar, Essex 18 Hadrian's Wall, nr. Hexham, Northumberland 19 Old Windmill, Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire 20 The "Old House," Hereford 21 The Guildhall, King's Lynn, Norfolk 22 Saxon "Kings' Stone," Kingston-upon-Thames 23 Lamarsh Church, Essex 24 Market Hall, Ledbury, Herefordshire 25 Market Cross, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire 26 The "Jews' House," Lincoln 27 Maiden Castle, near Corchester 28 Old Grammar School, Market Harborough, Leicestershire 29 The Old Cross, Meriden, Warwickshire 30 Iron Cresset, Monken Hadley Church, near Barnet 31 Monkwearmouth Church, Sunderland 32 Butler Cross and Stocks, Oakham, Rutland 33 Old Cottages, Pembridge, Herefordshire 34 Smithy, Penshurst, Kent 35 Stidd Chapel, Ribchester, Lancashire 36 Nuns' House, Rochester, Kent 37 Rufus Stone, near Lyndhurst, Hampshire 38 A Quaint Street, St. Ives, Cornwall 39 Old Bridge, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire 40 9th Century Crosses, Sandbach, Cheshire 41 Sompting Church, Sussex 42 Sundial and Lock-up, Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire 43 Beheading Stone, Stirling 44 Stokesay Castle, Shropshire 45 Harvard House, Stratford-upon-Avon 46 Turton Tower, Turton, Lancashire 47 Waltham Abbey, Essex 48 Butter Cross, Witney, Oxfordshire 49 Market Cross, Wymondham, Norfolk 50 Clifford's Tower, York
Ogden's By the Roadside
1932 beautiful interesting set of 50, cigarette cards  excellent condition
Sold out
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Ogden's Modern British Pottery
1925 complete set of 50, beautiful images, excellent condition
£45.00 £45.00
in the cigarette cards in the set are: Brown Betty,Brown Jack,Canon Law,Chatelaine,Colombo,Colorado Kid,Concerto,Coup De Lyon,Dastur,Delaneige,Dick Turpin,Felicitation,Foxhunter,Goldon Miller,Gregalach,Harinero,Hyperion,Insurance,Jim Thomas,Kellsboro Jack,King Salmon,Light Brocade,Limelight,, Loaningdale,Lo Zingaro,Mannamead,Master Vere,Maureen,Meadow Rhu,Medieval Knight,Merenda,Montrose,Mrs Rustom,Muscatel,Myrobella,Nitsichin,Pharacre,Raymond,Rodosto,Roi De Paris,Sans Peine,Seminole,Solenoid,Statesman,Tai-Yang,The Abbot,The Blue Boy,Umidwar,, Versicle,Young Lover
Ogden's Prominent Racehorses 1933,
excellent set of 50 cigarette cards s strong & clean BUT have stamp hinges on back side.
£100.00 £65.00
The cigarette cards in the set are: Alexander the Great, Alfred the Great, Attila, Francis Bacon, Robert Blake, Sebastian Cobot, Charlmagne, Christopher Columbus, Confucius, Constantine The Great, Captain Cook, Hernando Cortes, Oliver Cromwell, Dante Alighieri, Charles Darwin, Charles Robert Darwin, Sir Francis Drake, Thomas Alva Edison, Galileo Galilei, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Charles George Gordon, Gustavus II Adolphus, John Hampden, Hannibal, Homer, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, John Knox, Abraham Lincoln, David Livingstone, Mahomet (Mohammed), The Duke of Marlborough, John, Milton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lord Nelson, Sir Isaac Newton, William Penn, Pericles, Peter the Great, William Pitt, Plato, Plutarch, Sir Walter Raleigh, Cardinal Richelieu, William Shakespeare, Socrates, George Washington, James Watt, The Duke of Wellington, John Wesley, William I.
Leaders of Men,
 attractive set of 50 cigarette cards  issued in 1924,  very good condition,
Sold Out
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 Cigarette Cards. Some of titles are : Robinson Crusoe, The Buccaneers At Porto Bello, Boatswain M'Dermott and the Shark, The Boy Captain, The 'Roddam' at St.Pierre, The North-West Passage, The Landing of Columbus, The Deal Lugger, Shackleton's Boat Voyage, The Last Fight of The 'Revenge', 'Tug' Wilson at El Teb,  Cook in Resolution Cove, Nelson & The Bear, 'Nelson's Bridge' ,Running The Blockade,  The Mutiny of The 'Bounty' ,The Sea-Serpent of H.M.S.'Daedalus' Pirates Decoying An American Ship,  and etc . the text printed on the backs of the cards tell the Stories on the pictures
Sea Adventure 
1939 pretty set of 50 cigarette cards , excellent condition 
£40.00 SOLD
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 Whaling  1927 Set of 25 standard size  cigarette cards by the Ogden's . Some of titles include  :The Harpooner The 'Diana',   The Whale Boat, Lancing, Towing-In, A Sperm Whale,  Sharks Round a Dead Whale, 'Gamming', A Harpoon Gun, Whaling Tools, The 'Truelove', The Look-Out, The 'Kathleen',A 'School' of Whales and etc.  Text is printed on the backs of the carde explain about the pictures
1927 pretty set of 25 cigarette cards , excellent condition
£65.00 £60.00
The cigarette cards in the set include: Polar Bears, American Bison, Arabian Camel, Chimpanzees, Crocodile, Elephants, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Lion, Llama, Ostrich, Peacock, Penguins, Puma, Rhinoceros, Malayan Tapir, Tortoise, Toucan, Wallabies, Wolves, Zebra, Flamingo
Ogden's Zoo Studies
1937 colourful set of 50 cigarette cards  mint  condition
£20.00 £20.00
ogd016 Ogden's Swimming Diving & life-saving
1931 set of 50 cigarette cards  condition g-v
£70.00 40.00
ogd017 Ogden's Coronation Procession
1937 an amazing set of 50 cards that when joined together form a continuous picture, very good condition
£75.00 £75.00
The cigarette cards in the set are : Mr. Owen Anthony,Mr Fred Archer,Mr. G.R. Armstrong,Mr. E.P. Barthropp,Mr. JM Bell,Mr. S. Bennett,Mr. GN Bennett,Mr. A. Bickley,Mr. G. Blackwell,Mr. H.B. Bletsoe,Mr. F.A. Brown,Mr. HA Brown,Mr GA Butchers,Mr. T. Coulthwaite,Mr HJ East,Mr. A. Escott,Mr. J., Fergussson,Mr. W. Filmer-Sankey,Mr. F. P. Gilbert,Mr. R. Gore,Mr. L. Hammond,Mr. D. Harrison,Mr HS Harrison,Mr F Hartigan,Hon A Hastings,Mr WF Larkin,Mr HC Leader,Mr TR Leader,Mr Martin,Mr A Newey,Mr W Nightingale,Mr R Payne,Mr W Payne,Mr. C Piggott,Mr E, Piggott,Mr GC Poole,Captain JB Powell,Mr TR Rimell,Mr GP Sunday,Mr AH Saxby,Mr H Smyth,Mr CV Tabor,Mr H Turner,Captain PAO Whitaker,Mr GS Whitelaw,Mr F Whithington,Mr P Woodland,Mr J Woodman,Mr S Wootton,Mr C Young,

Steeplechase Trainers & Owner's colours
1927 set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition
£90.00 £45.00
The cigarette cards in the set are: 1 Albatross 2 Crimson-breasted Barbet 3 Bee-eater 4 Red-winged Blackbird 5 Bluebird 6 Lazuli Bunting 7 Turkey-buzzard 8 Cardinal 9 Cock-of-the-rock 10 Crowned Crane 11 Emerald Cuckoo 12 King Eider-duck 13 Mandarin-duck 14 Bald Eagle 15 Purple Finch 16 Flamingo 17 Great Frigate-Bird 18 Purple Gallinule 19 American Goldfinch 20 Blue Grosbeak 21 Rose-breasted Grosbeak 22 Ruffed Grouse 23 American Sparrow-Hawk 24 Hoopoe 25 Great Pied Hornbill 26 Ruby-throated Humming-bird 27 Lanceolated Jay 28 Laughing Kingfisher 29 Ruby-crowned Kinglet 30 Himalayan Monal 31 Red-bearded Motmot 32 Bullock's Oriole 33 King Penguin 34 Golden Pigeon 35 Violet Plantain-eater 36 Valley Quail 37 Indian Roller 38 Crested Screamer 39 Glossy Starling 40 Adjutant Stork 41 Scarlet Tanager 42 Western Tanager 43 Varied Thrush 44 Green Tody 45 Toco Toucan 46 Hooded Warbler 47 Red-faced Warbler 48 Yellow Warbler 49 Weaver-bird 50 Red-headed Woodpecker
Ogden's Foreign Birds
1924 colourful pretty cigarette cards  set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition
40.00 35.00
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Ogden's Trainers & Owners Colours 1925 set of 25 cigarette cards in good condition 60.00 40.00
The  card in full set of cigarette cards by Ogdens titled  British Birds. Are 1 Red-Grouse 2 Starling 3 The Wren 4 Great-Spotted Woodpecker 5 Wood-Pigeon 6 Pied Wagtail 7 Goldfinch 8 Sky-Lark 9 Tree-Sparrow 10 Magpie 11 Kingfisher 12 The Rook 13 Robin 14 The Sparrow-Hawk 15 Song-Thrush 16 Common Gull 17 Swallow 18 Blackbird 19 Bullfinch 20 Kestrel-Hawk 21 Jackdaw 22 Cuckoo 23 Hedge-Sparrow 24 Chaffinch 25 Nightingale 26 Tom-Tit 27 Yellow Hammer 28 Golden-Crested Wren 29 Spotted Flycatcher 30 Reed-Warbler 31 Red-Backed Shrike 32 Moorhen 33 Curlew 34 Lapwing 35 Guillemot 36 Cormorant 37 Raven 38 Great Auk 39 Oyster-Catcher 40 Corncrake 41 Ring-Ouzel 42 Common Sandpiper 43 Golden Eagle 44 Stonechat 45 Blackcap 46 Common Tern 47 White-Throat 48 Razorbill 49 Tree-Pipit 50 Nightjar
Ogden's British Birds 1905 beautiful set early version, very good condition 75.00 SOLD

Ogden's Trick Billiards
1934 mint condition set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition
85.00 85.00
The cigarette cards in the set are : 1 G.O. Allen 2 L.E.G. Ames 3 C.J. Barnett 4 D.C.S. Compton 5 H.H. Copson 6 G. Duckworth 7 W.J. Edrich 8 K. Farnes 9 L.B. Fishlock 10 H. Gimblett 11 T.H. Goddard 12 A.R. Gover 13 H.R. Hammond 14 Joseph Hardstaff Jun. 15 L. Hutton 16 James Langridge 17 M. Leyland 18 J.H. Parks 19 E. Paynter 20 R.T.D. Perks 21 G.H. Pope 22 R.W.V. Robins 23 A.B. Sellers 24 J.M. Sims 25 D. Smith 26 T.P.B. Snith 27 Capt. J.M.A. Stephenson 28 H. Sutcliffe 29 J.E. Timms 30 H. Verity 31 W. Voce 32 C. Washbrook 33 T.S. Worthington 34 R.E.S. Wyatt 35 C.L. Badcock 36 S. Barnes 37 B.A. Barnett 38 Don. G. Bradman 39 W.A. Brown 40 A.G. Chipperfield 41 J.H.W. Fingleton 42 L.O'B. Fleetwood-Smith 43 A.L. Hassett 44 S.J. McCabe 45 E.L. McCormick 46 W.J. O'Reilly 47 H.G. Waite 48 C.W. Walker 49 F.A. Ward 50 E.S. White
Ogden's Prominent Cricketers 
howing English and  Australian well known Cricketers. The back of the cigarette cards tell the history of each Cricketer
.  1938 nice set excellent condition
120.00 120.00
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Ogden's Racehorses
1907 nice set of 50 cigarette cards good condition
200.00 180.00
The cigarette cards in the are; Lovelock World's 1500 metres,Jesse Owens Olympic Games,Charles Gardner Winner of King's Cup Air Race,Squadron-Leader FRD Swain Holder of World's Atlantic Record,Miss T. Kingsbury All-England Badminton Women's, Champion,R.C.F. Nichols All-England Badminton Men's Champion,Joe Davis Professional Billiards and Snooker Champion of England,P.H. Matthews British Snooker Champion,J. Thompson Amateur Billiards Champion of England,F. Dove National 100 Yards Swimming, Champ,Mrs. O.L. Wadham National 100 Yards Swimming Champion,Juno Champion Police Horse,Commandant J.G. O'Dwyer,Old House Junior Stallion Champion,Cruggleton Beverley Shampion Shorthorn of British Isles,Chow Choonam Hung Kwong Champion Cruft's Dog Show,, Croyland Chantress Champion of Kennel Club Dog Show,Bill Bay Champion Racing Pigeon,Endeavour 1 The America's Cup Challenger,Reynoldstown Grand National Winner,Miss Sonja Henie Winter Olympic Games Champion,Miss Helen Jacobs All-England Lawn Tennis, Women's Champion,FJ Perry All-England Lawn Tennis Men's Champion,Sir Malcolm Capbell Land Speed Champion,J Guthrie Winner Senior TT Race,Lionel Van Praag World's Speedway Champion,Gar Wood World's Speed Boat Champ,HR Pearce World's Sculling Champ,Sgt. LD,
Ogden's Champions of 1936 ,1937 cigarette cards billiards, tennis, boxing, cricket, golf, etc etc very good condition SOLD
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Ogden's Birds' Eggs 1908 pretty set of 50 cigarette card in good condition SOLD
The cigarette cards in the set are: : RMS Asturias,RMS Asturias Dining Saloon,TSS Awatea,TSS Awatea First Cllass Two-Berth Cabin,TSS Awatea First Class Music Room,RMMV Capetown Castle,RMMV Capetown Castle Bedroom Suite Y,TMS Circassia,TMS Circassia Smoking Room,SS Empress of Britain,, Main Entrance and the Mall,Olympian Pool,Radio Telegraphy Office,Cabin Class Barber's Ship,The Mauretania,Cabin Observation Lounge,The Grand Hall,Cabin Foyer and Entrance Hall,RMS Orcades,First Class Library,TEV Queen of Bermuda,Dance Floor,Library,, All Electric Ship's Kitchen,The Queen Elizabeth,Top Deck,Decks Looking AFT,On the Stocks,RMS Queen Mary,Cabin Restaurant,Cabin Children's Playroom,Cabin Kitchen,MV Reina Del Pacifico,Grand Hall and Balcony,Second Class Smoke Room,Sports Deck,P&O, Strathallan,Library,Engine Room,SS Normandie,Grand Salon,The Bridge,SS Europa,Cabin De Luxe,Boat Drill,SS Conte DI Savoia,The Colonna Hall,Sperry Stabiliser,SS Rex,Gymnasium
Ogden's Ocean Greyhounds , Cruise liners  including , Queen Mary, and The Queen Elizabeth,1938 set of 50 cigarette cards good condition 60.00 50.00
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Ogden's Jockeys & Owners Colours 1927. set of 50 cigarette cards good condition 125.00 100.00
  The cigarette cards in the set are : 1, A Toe Tip 2, Pair Skating 3, Skating 4, The Double Pirouette 5, Skate Sailing 6, The Jump 7, Ladies Ski-ing 8, Ski-ing 9, Ski-ing, Herring-Boning 10, Ski-ing, The Telemark Turn 11, Skijoring 12, Ladies Skijoring 13, Sleighing 14, Driving, Racing-Sleigh 15, Bob Sleighing 16, Tailing 17, Tobogganing 18, Ladies Tobogganing 19, Tobogganing, Jumping 20, Tobogganing Cycle Race 21, Curling 22, Curling (Out Handle) 23, Ice Hockey
Ogden's Picturesque Villages 1936 excellent condition set of 50 cigarette cards Sold out
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Ogden's Boy Scouts 1929 later set of 50 cigarette cards in good  condition Sold out
The cigarette cards in the set are: George Arliss, Elisabeth Bergner, Douglas Byng, Edward Chapman, Mary Clare, Fay Compton, Cicely Courtneidge, Laura Cowie ,Florence Desmond, Edith Evans, Maurice Evans, Barbara Everest, Gracie Fields, WC Fields, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Carol Goodner, Martyn Green, Louise, Hampton, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Robertson Hare, Gordon Harker, Sir John Martin-Harvey, Richard Hearne, Leslie Henson, Sir Seymour Hicks, Jack Hulbert, Boris Karloff, Keneth Kent, Elsa Lanchester, Matheson Lang, Charles Laughton, Gertrude Lawrence, Evelyn Laye, Olga Lindo, , Ralph Lynn, Lucie Manneim, Jessie Matthews, Ivor Novello, Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, Nancy Price, Elsie Randolph, Ralph Richardson, George Robey, Flora Robson,P amela Stanley, Dame Marie Tempest, Ernest Theisiger, Dame Sybil Thorndike, Tom Walls,
Ogden's Actors Natural & Character studies 1938 set 50 Near mint condition 60.00 40.00
The cigarette cards in the set are : Broadcasting house. Studio listening room. Control room, broadcasting. Droitwich transmitting stat.Transmitter power control. Simultaneous broadcast system. Control room, Leeds.Studio No. 2, Cardiff. The orchestral studio, Leeds. Studio No. 1, Manchester.Northern Children's Hour, B.B.C. Northern Orchestra,Studio No. 2, Birmingham. Broadcasting house, Newcastle. Studio No. 1, Bristol. A broadcast discussion. Broadcasting a history lesson.School broadcasts, B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra  Opera broadcasts—amplifier. Outside broadcast hut.Broadcasting a test match.Broadcasting The Grand Nati. Broadcasting the boat race, Broadcasting the Silver Jubilee , Big Ben--showing microphone. News editor's cubicle.  Reading the news bulletin.Organ in the concert hall, A rehearsal in the concert, B.B.C. military band. Broadcasting an operetta. A rehearsal in St. George's. A concert party in Vaudevil. B.B.C. dance orchestra. Studio No. 1, Maida Vale. The Council Chamber, Press Listening Hall, No.1. Musical control cubicle, Dramatic control panel, Effects studio, broadcasting. Gramophone effects studio.Effects studio--rain effect. Effects studio. Control room,  Marconi steel-tape machine. Recording the King's speech. H.R.H. Duke of Gloucester .Inauguration of England
Ogden's Broadcasting 1935 set of 50 cigarette cards excellent condition Sold out
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Ogden's Dogs 1936 beautiful set of 50 cigarette cards  excellent condition 130.00 130.00
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Ogden's Jockeys 1930 set of 50 cigarette cards excellent condition 125.00 125.00
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Ogden's Applied Electricity 1928 set of 50 cigarette cards excellent condition 50.00 50.00
1 H.H. The Aga Khan, 2 Lord Astor,3 Sir Abe Bailey, 4 M. Beary, 5 H. Beasley,6 Mr. S. W. Beer, 7 Captain C. Boyd-Rochfort, 8 Sir George Bullough, 9 F. Butters,10 B. Carslake, 11  J. Childs, 12 Lord Dalmeny, 13   F. Darling, 14 S. H. Darling, 15 R. Day, 16 Lord Derby, 17 J. Dines, 18   S. Donoghue, 19  W. Earl, 20 E. C. Elliott, 21 Sir Walter Gilbey,  22   Lord Glanely, 23 Captain R. F. K. Gooch, 24 Captain T. Hogg, 25 B. E. Jarvis, 26 J. L. Jarvis, 27 W. R. Jarvis, 28 H. Jelliss, 29 Mr. S. B. Joel, 30 Old Kate, 31 Honourable George Lambton, 32 Felix Leach, 33 J. Leach, 34   Lord Lonsdale, 35 J. Marshall, 36 R. Perryman, 37 G. C. Poole, 38 G. Richards, 39 Mr. J. A. de Rothschild, 40 Sir Victor Sassoon, 41 J. Sirett, 42 C. Smirke, 43 Mr. S. Tattersall, 44 J. Thwaites, 45 Mr. J. Reid Walker, 46 J. Watts, 47 Lord Westmorland, 48 T. Weston, 49 Lt.-Col. C. W. S.hitburn , 50 Stanley Wootton
Ogden's Turf Personalities 1929 set of 50 cigarette cards  excellent condition 120.00 120.00