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Black Spot Cig. Members of Parliament Malta 1928 set of 50 cigarette cards near-mint condition 25.00 25.00
The cigarette cards in the set are : Appolo, Aurora, Bacchus. Cupid,  Ceres, Diana.  Echo, Jupiter, Flora, Juno, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Minerva, Mars,  Pan, Pomona, Saturn, Somnus, Venus, Vesta, Plutus, Momus, Orpheus, and Rhea,


Mythological Gods & Goddesses 1924 incredible art and beautiful colouring, set of 25 near mint to  excellent condition


The cigarette cards in the set are : 26 Cricket T. Richardson 27 Bowls 28 Association Football Bert Freeman 29 Running W. Kolehmainen 30 Lawn Tennis Ladies' Champion Mdlle.Lenglen 31 Billiards Record Break T. Newman 32 Fencing Major E. Stenson Cooke 33 Boxing Georges Carpentier 34 Chess Sir George A. Thomas 35 Wrestling G.W. Wilson 36 Golf English Ladies' Close Championship Miss D.Chambers 37 Whippet Racing 38 Fox Hunting Mr. Tommy Bouch 39 Ski-Running Harold Smith 40 Rugby Footabll 41 Cross Country Running 42 Furthest South Pole Expedition Captain R.F.Scott 43 Water Polo 44 Punting H.D. Marshall 45 Cycling H. Green 46 Mountain Climbing 47 Throwing The Javelin I. Myrra 48 Highest Dive Tommy Burns 49 Gordon-Bennett Cup Balloon Race M. Ernest Demuyter 50 Baseball C.H. Sisler
Boguslavsky Sports Records 1925 second series of 25 cards very good condition SOLD OUT
The cards in this cigarette cards set are : 1 Lawn Tennis Gerald L. Patterson 2 Putting the Weight Ralph Rose 3 Throwing the Hammer P. Ryan 4 Ice Skating O. Mathieson 5 Sprint Running W.R. Applegarth 6 Pole Jump C. Hoff 7 The 1 Mile British Amateur Running Record A.G.Hill 8 Highest Score In Cricket A.C. Maclaren 9 Race Walking G. Goulding 10 The Fastest Swimmer J. Weissmuller 11 Golf: The Longest Drive E.C. Bliss 12 High Jump E. Beeson 13 Motor Racing Captain Hornsted 14 High-Speed Aeroplane 15 Motor Cycling H. LeVack 16 Gliding M. Maneyrolle 17 The Atlantic Cup 18 Highest Horse Jump C. Sifton 19 Fastest Train 20 The Fastest Steamer R.M.S. Mauretania 21 The Derby Lord Woolavington's Captain Cuttle 22 Waterloo Cup Col. North's Fullerton 23 The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race 24 Grand National Ascetic's Silver 25 Sculling Championship Ernest Barry
Boguslavsky Sports Records 1925 first series of 25 cards very good condition SOLD OUT
The Cigarette cards in the set are: 1 M. Curie 2 Sir James Dewar 3 S.F.B. Morse 4 M. Santos Dumont 5 Cyrus H. McCormick 6 Sir Humphrey Davy 7 Benjamin Franklin 8 Thomas Alva Edison 9 Lord Kelvin 10 Evangelista Torricelli 11 Mr. Louiis Brennan 12 Professor Finsen 13 Hans Lippershey 14 Robert Stephenson 15 Professor Charles 16 Sir Hiram Maxim 17 George Stephenson 18 Chevr. G. Marconi 19 Sir. Wm. Siemens 20 Sir. W.G. Armstrong
Bucktrout Inventors series 1924 complete set of 20 cards mint condition Sold out