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Code Manufacturer Title  & Description Cat. Price My Price
Some of the cigarette  cards depicted are:- Halley's Comet, Neap Tides, A Shower of Meteors, A Lunar Corona, Typical Lunar Craters, The Earth as seen from the Moon, Phases of the Moon, The Dumb-bell Nebula, A Spiral Nebula, Jupiter, Two Views of Mars, Saturn's Rings, The Phases of Venus, Cassiopela and the Pole Star, The Composition of a Star, The Evolution of a Star, Leo, The Milky Way, Orion, The Pole Star and the Plough, The Aurora Borealis, An Eclipse, The Midnight Sun, The Zodiacal Light and etc
wills Romance of the Heavens 1928 beautiful set of 50 cigarette cards, very good condition, lovely imagery. 55.00 35.00
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wills School Arms 1906 pretty set of 50 cigarette cards  very good condition, 30.00 25.00
The cigarette cards in the set are: John Watt,Howard Marshall,Kneale Kelley,Joseph Lewis,Stanford Robinson,Sydney Baynes,Walford Hayden,Leslie Bridgewater,Fred Hartley,JH Squire,Marie Wilson,Albert Sandler,Reginald Dixon,Eileen Joyce,Ronald Gourley,Foster Richardson,Mavis Bennett,, George Baker,Cora Goffin,Bertha Willmott,Vivien Lambelet,Harry S Pepper,Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam,Doris Arnold,Enid Trevor,Will Hay,John Tilley,Davy Burnaby,Mabel Constanduros,Stanley Holloway,Stainless Stephen,Beryl Orde,Tommy Handley,Hermione Gingold,, Ann Penn,Hermione Baddeley,Scott and Whaley,Harry Cliford Scott and Eddie Peter Whaley,Eve Becke,Collinson and Dean,Geraldo,Wynne Ajello,Billy Merrin,Debroy Somers,Elsie Carlisle,Sydney Kyte,Jack Jackson,Harry Roy,Jack Hylton,The Houston Sisters,The Carly, Cousins
wills Radio Celebrities 1934 second series complete set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition, 25.00 15.00

The cigarette cards in the set are: George the Fifth Proclaimed King,The Coronation at Westminster Abbey,Investiture of Prince of Wales,The Coronation Durbar India,Alexandra Rose Day,The King at the Front during First World War,Memorial Service to Lord Kitchener,Their Majesties' Silver, Wedding,The Prince of Wales at Ottawa,Unveiling the Nurse Cavell Memorial,The King at the Cenotaph,The Three Princes at the Derby,Establishing the Parliament of Northern Ireland,Opening of King George Fifth Dock Woolwich,The Marriage of Princess Mary,, The King's Pilgrimage to the Graves of British Soldiers,Marriage of the Duke of York,The British Empire Exhibition Wembley,The Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral,Royal Vistit to HMS Victory,Review of the Fleet at Spithead,The and Queen at Bristol, University,The Royal Carriage at Ascot,Railway Centenary Exhibition,The King at the Tate Gallery,Opeing of the National Museum of Wales,The King at the Cup Final Wembley,Opening of the, Parliament House,Canberra,Opening of the Scottis National War Memorial,Funeral of Earl Haig,The King at Twickenham,The Gathering of Chiefs at Nairobi,Kenya Colony,The King's Convalescence,The Pince at Boy Scouts ' World Jamboree,Opening of the Indian Round
wills  The Reign of King George V 1935  complete set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition, 35.00 20.00
The cigarette cards in the set are; 1  Morisia Hypogaea, 2  Alpine Catchfly, 3  Alpoine Pink,4  Wall Erinus,5  Fleabane, 6  Yellow Alyssum, 7  Blue Moon-Wort 8  Rock-Cress 9  Alpine Wall-Flower 10 Wall Harebell , 11 Alpine Poppy, 12 Gentianella,
wills Alpine Flowers 1913 pretty set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition Sold out
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wills Birds 1924 playing card insert 52 cards complete near Mint "Four Aces" cigarettes for Will's overseas issues 169.00 150.00
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Wills Borough Arms second edition 1906 set of 51 - 100  cigarette cards good condition 30.00 20.00
The cigarette cards in the set are: 1 Express Locomotive "Silver Jubilee" London, Modland & Scottish Rly. 2 "Pacific" Express Loco. "Princess Margaret Rose" L.M.S.R. 3 Turbine Driven Locomotive London, Midland & Scottish Rly. 4 Streamlined Express Loco. "Silver Link" London & North Eastern Railway. 5 Streamlined Express Loco. "Cock o'the North" L.N.E.R. 6 "Pacific" Express Loco. "Papyrus" London & North Eastern Railway. 7 "Castle" Class Express Loco. "Windsor Castle" Great Western Railway. 8 Partially-Streamlined Loco. "Manorbier Castle" Great Western Railway. 9 "King" Class Express Loco. "King George V" Great Western Railway. 10 "Lord Nelson" Class Express Loco. "Lord Hawke" Southern Railway. 11 "Schools" Class Loco. "Leatherhead" Southern Railway. 12 Express Locomotive "Remembrance" Southern Railway. 13 Express Locomotive Great Southern Railways, Ireland. 14 Drumm Battery Train Great Southern Railways, Ireland. 15 Express Locomotive "Kestrel" Great Northern Railway, Ireland. 16 Express Locomotive "Duke of Abercorn" N.C.C. (L.M.S.R.), Ireland. 17 Express Locomotive Paris-Orleans-Midi Railways, France. 18 Heavy Freight Locomotive P.L.M. Railway, France. 19 Suburban Tank Locomotive Eastern Railway, France. 20 Express Locomotive Madrid, Zaragoza & Alicante Railway, Spain. 21 Streamlined Express Locomotive Belgian National Railways. 22 Heavy Freight Tank Locomotive Netherlands Railways. 23 Express Locomotive German State Railways. 24 Heavy Freight Locomotive German State Railways. 25 Electric Passenger & Freight Loco. Swiss Federal Railways. 26 Express Locomotive Austrian Federal Railways. 27 2 Ft. 6 In. Gauge Locomotive Lithuanian State Railways. 28 Heavy Freight Loco. U.S.S.R. Railways. 29 Freight Locomotive Turkish State Railways. 30 Articulated Express Locomotive Algerian Railways. 31 Express Locomotive "Mohamed Ali El Kebir" Egyptian State Railways. 32 Articulated Loco. "Emir of Katsina" Nigerian Government Railway. 33 Passenger Freight Locomotive Kenya & Uganda Railways. 34 Express Locomotive South African Government Rlys. 35 Articulated Heavy Freight Locomotive South African Government Rlys. 36 Express Locomotive North Western Railway, India. 37 Express Locomotive Bengal-Nagpur Railway, India. 38 Diesel-Electric Passenger Locomotive Royal Siamese State Railways. 39 Mixed-Traffic Loco. Canton-Hankow Railway, China. 40 Express Locomotive Imperial Govt. Rlys. of japan. 41 Heavy Passenger Loco. "Sir George Murray" South Australian Govt. Rlys. 42 Express Locomotive New Zealand Government Rlys. 43 Express Locomotive Canadian National Railways. 44 Heavy Passenger & Freight Locomotive Canadian Pacific Railway. 45 Articulated Heavy Freight Locomotive Northern Pacific Railway, U.S.A. 46 Express Passenger Locomotive Northern Pacific Railway, U.S.A. 47 Streamlined Locomotive "Commodore Vanderbilt" N.Y.C. Railroad, U.S.A. 48 Diesel-Electric Train "Burlington Zephyr" C.B.&Q Railroad, U.S.A. 49 Articulated Express Locomotive San Paulo (Brazilian) Railway. 50 Heavy Freight Loco. Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway, Argentina.
Wills Railway Engines 1936 set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition
50.00 30.00
Subjects featured in this set are as follows: Ampleforth College, Bishop's Stortford College, Bradfield College, Brighton College, Bristol Grammar School, Canford School, Charterhouse, Cheltenham College, Christ's Hospital, The City of London School, Clifton College, The Royal High School Edinburgh, Epsom College, Eton College, Felsted School, Fettes College, Trinity College Glenalmond, Gresham's School, Haileybury College, Lancing College, The Leys School, Malvern College, Oundle School, Radley College & Rugby School
Wills Arms of Public Schools, 1933 First series of 25 Medium  size cigarette cards complete, good condition including Eton Trinity and more good condition 50.00 25.00
The cigarette cards in the set are; Federated Malay States, Malta, Manitoba, Mauritius , Natal, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, New South Wales, New Zealand, Nova Scotia (Ancient), Nova Scotia (Modern), Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Queensland, Southern Rhodesia, Saint Vincent, Saskatchewan, Sierra Leone, Straits Settlements, Tasmania, Transvaal, Victoria, Nyasaland and Orange Free State.
Wills Arms of the British Empire, 1933 second series of 25  Medium size cards complete, good condition 40.00 20.00
Some of the cacigarette cards in the set are:  Lavender  Buddleia, Camellia, Ceanothus, Clematis, Cotoneaster, Darwin's Barberry, Chinese Firethorn, Forsythia, Flowering Currant, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, , Lilac, Rhododendron, Rose of Sharon, SnowDwarf Spiraea, Winter Jasmine, Wistaria, Witch Hazel, Heath,
Wills Flowering Shrubs 1934 complete set of 30 cigarette cards  Medium size cards with lovely realistic images, good condition 27.00 15.00
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Wills Roses 1936 Medium size set of 40 cigarette cards good condition 64.00 50.00
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Wills British School of Painting 1927 complete set of 25 Medium size cards, average very good condition SOLD OUT
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Wills Arms of the British Empire 1933 first series of 25 Medium size cards on white background, pretty set very good condition 40.00 20.00

Wills Public Schools 1927 set of 25 Medium size cards very good condition 62.50 50.00
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Wills English Period Costumes 1927 complete set of 25 Medium  size cards, all average good condition 62.50 30.00
Antirrhinum,Aquilegia,Aster,Calendula,Carnation,Cheiranthus,Clarkia,Cornflower,Daffodil,Dahlia,Delphinium,Dianthus,Eschscholtzia,Foxglove,Gladiolus,Godetia,Hollyhock,Hyacinth,Iceland Poppy,Iris,Larkspur,Lavatera,Lily,Lupin,Meconopsis,Mignonette,Nasturtium, ,Pansy,Phlox,Rose,Rudbeckia,Statice,Sunflower,Sweet Pea,Sweet William,Ten-Week Stock,Tulipa Fosteriana,Ursinia,Viscaria,Zinnia
Wills Garden Flowers new Varieties 1938 set of 40 large size cigarette cards, pretty set, very good condition 28.00 20.00
The cigarette cards in the set are: Blush Rambler, British Queen, Captain F S Harvey-Cant, Caroline Testout, Chastity, Ciccie Easlea, Comte G De Rochemur, Coral Cluster, Covent Garden, Emma Wright, Excelsa, Flame of Fire, The General, General McArthur, Golden Emblem, Gorgeous, Henry Nevard, Hugh Dickson, Independence Day, J B Clark, Jessie, Lady Alice Stanley, Lady Ashtown, Lady Gay, Lady Hillingdon, Lady Inchiquin, Lady Pirrie, Lady Roberts, Los Angeles, Mabel Morse, Mme. Abel Chatenay, Madame Edouard Herriot, Madame Ravary, Melody, Mrs Alfred West, Mrs Bertram J Walker, Mrs Charles Lamplough, Mrs George Shawyer, Mrs F S Harvey Cant, Mrs Henry Morse, Mrs H R Darlington, Mrs Wemyssquin, Muriel Adamson, National Emblem, Ophelia, Premier, Prince Charming, The Queen Alexandra Rose, La Reine Elizabeth & Severine.
Wills Roses 1926 set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition 50.00 30.00
 1 Steel Caisson, Great Britain 2 Lethbridge Viaduct, Canada 3 Rolling Lift Bridge, USA 4 Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia 5 Zambesi Bridge , 6 Bucket Dredger 7 Giant Excevator, USA 8 Lock, Panama Canal, Central America 9 Lock, Panama Canal, Central America 10 Electric Shovel, Canada, anufacture of Iron & Steel 11 Slab Charger for Reheating Furnace 12 Conveyor Bridge, U.S.A. 13 Blast Furnace, Manchester 14 Electric Furnace 15 Electric Lifting Magnet, Great Britain 16 Hydraulic Press, Great Britain 17 Electric Unloader, U.S.A. , 18 Electric Coal-cutter and Loader, U.S.A. 19 Electric Dumper, U.S.A20 Gold-Dredger, U.S.A. 21 Escalator, Great Britain 22 Building a "Skyscraper," U.S.A. 23 Strong-Room Door, U.S.A. 24 Reflecting Telescope, British Columbia ,25 Generating Station, Canada 26 Electric Motor Driving a Reversing Mill, Great Britain 27 Automatic Substation, Great Britain 28 Steam Turbo-Generator, U.S.A. 29 Electric Winding Engine, Yorkshire , 30 Modern Aqueduct 31 Great Dam, Assounan, Egypt 32 Block-setting Crane, Great Britain 33 Croton Dam and Spillway, U.S.A. 34 Vaal River Barrage, S. Africa 35 Great Dam, Lake Vyrnwy, Wales ,  36 Aircraft Carrier 37 Revolving Floating Crane. Great Britain 38 Floating Dock, Great Britain 39 Framing a Liner 40 Train Ferry, Canada,  41 Wetterhorn Aerial Railway, Switzerland 42 Wrecking Crane, Great Britain 43 Electric Locomotive, U.S.A. 44 Hedjaz Railway, Arabia 45 Ice Locomotive, Canada 46 Road-making Motor, U.S.A. 47 Rotary Snow-Plough, Canada 48 Track-Layer, Canada 49 Tunnel Construction by means of a "Shield," London 50 Ligerwood Unloader, U.S.A.
Wills Engineering Wonders 1927 set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition 50.00 25.00
the cigarette cards in the set are: Stuart Hibberd,ER Appleton,Frederick Grisewood,Commander Stephen King-Hall,Derck McCulloch,Sir Walford Davies,George F Allison,Christopher Stone,Captain HBT Wakelam,Sir Henry Wood,Dr Adrian Boult,B Walton O'Donnell,Joseph Muscant,Cecil Dixon,Gershom, Parkington,Arthur Catterall,Peggy Cochrane,Reginald New,Olive Groves,Peter Dawson,Isobel Baillie,Richard Tauber,Paul Robeson, Dennis Noble,Anona Winn,Kate Winter, Marjery Wyn,Clapham and Dwyer,Jeanne De Casalis,Ernest Butcher and Muriel,Gracie Fields,, Gillie Potter,Tessa Deane,Ronald Frankau,Leslie holmes and Leslie Sarony,Leonard Henry,Jack and Clude Hulbert,Cicely Courtneidge,Kenneth and George WesternNorman Long,Elsie and Doris Waters,Janet Joye,Billy Mayerl,Carroll Gibbons,Charles Kunz,Ambrose,, Roy Fox,Lew Stone,Jack Payne,Henry Hall
Wills Radio Celebrities 1934 set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition 35.00 25.00
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Wills Portraits of European Royalty 1908 set of 100 cards ( as series 1 & 2 combined ) all vg cond. Beautiful sepia images set in black edge frames. Sold out
the cigarette cards in the set are  Cabinet of Queen Henrietta Maria, Inlaid Rosewood Cabinet, King Charles 11 Oak Chairs, Marquetry Writing Table of King William 111, Cabinet Bearing Monogram of William & Mary, Silver Mirrorframe presented to King Charles 11, Cabinet by Andre Charles Boulet, State Bedstead by Georges Jacob, Queen Charlotte's Sedan Chair, Queen Elizabeth's Salt, Rose-Water Ewer & Basin, Silver Gilt Sconce, Altar Dish, Silver-Gilt Toilet Service, The Goodwood Cup of 1829, Sevres Pot-Pourri Vase, Malachite Vase, Clock by Vulliam
Wills The King's Art Treasures 1938 set of 40 medium  size cigarette cards very good condition 12.00 12.00
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Wills British Birds 1915 set of 50 cigarette cards in good condition Sold out
The cigarette cards in the set are: 1 Great Western Railway
Wills Railway Engines 1936 complete set of 50 cigarette cards in good condition 50.00 30.00
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Wills Dogs 1915 Large size nicely coloured, excellent condition set of 25 cigarette cards 90.00 60.00
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Wills Gems of Italian Architecture, mint set of 50 cigarette cards set mint condition Sold out
The cigarette cards in the set are: Oak Livery Cupboard,Oak Side-Table,Oak Inlaid Chair,Oak Chair,Oak Table-Chair,Oak Settle,Oak Joint-Stool,Oak and Walnut Day-Bed,Oak Sideboard or Dresser,Inlaid Walnut Table,Walnut Bureau Bookcase,Inlaid Chest of Drawers,Oak Dresser,Walnut Chair,Inlaid, Dressing-Table,Inlaid Walnut Setee,Windsor Chair,Mahogany Corner-Chair,Walnut Arm-Chair,Mahogany Tallboy,Mahogany Chair,Inlaid Satinwood Cabinet,Mahogany Arm-Chair,Painted Satinwood Table,Painted Satinwood Dressing-Table,
Wills Old Furniture 1924 second series complete set of 25 large size cards depicting antique furniture 65.00 50.00
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Wills Between two Fires by 1930 puzzle set of 48 cigarette cards in good condition Sold out
1 Anvil Point Lighthouse-Swanage, Dorset. 2 Great Orme Lighthouse                  Llandudno, Wales,   3   Skerryvore Lighthouse- Scotland.   4 North Unst Lighthouse- North of Britain.   5 Inner Farn Lighthouse-                Farn Islands, Northumberland.   6  Portland Lighthouse-               (Portland Bill).   7  North Foreland Lighthouse-Kent.  8 The Needles-I.O.W.  9   Old Lighthouse Removed to Avenmouth    Avonmouth. 10  Lizard Lighthouse                      Cornwall. 11   Dungeness Lighthouse, 12   Spurn Head Lighthouse. 13   Penninis Lighthouse-St. Mary's, Neilly, 14   Lundy Isle Lighthouse (Disused). 15   Landguard Lighthouse- Between Harwich and Felixstowe. 16   Bishop Rock Lighthouse – Scilly. 17   Trevose Head Lighthouse-              Cornwall. 18   Smeaton Tower-Plymouth. 19   St. Anthony's Falmouth-Falmouth. 20   Godrevy Lighthouse- St. Ives. 21   Dubh Artach Lighthouse -  Off Coast of Isle of Man. 22   South Foreland Lighthouse- St. Margaret's Bay. 23   Sea Houses Lighthouse - Pier Head, Northumberland. 24   Pendeen Lighthouse – Cornwall. 25   Round Island Lighthouse – Scilly. 26   Longships Lighthouse - Land's End. 27   St. Agnes Lighthouse (Disused)- Scilly. 28   Flannan Islands Light Station -  Off Hebrides. 29   St. Catherine's Lighthouse, I.O.W. 30   Chapman Lighthouse -  Mouth of Thames. 31   Chicken Rock Lighthouse -  Isle of Man. 32   Berry Head Lighthous                   Brixham. 33   South Light -Lundy Island. 34  Flamborough Head Lighthouse
Wills Lighthouses 1926 same as B.A.T. version, all in good condition, set of 50 cards 110.00 100.00
The cigarette cards in the set are : 1 Achimenes, 2 Agapanthus or African Lily,  3 Variegated Aloe, 4 Arum Lily or Richardia, 5 Alpine Auricula,  6 Indian Azalea, 7 Camellia-Flowered Balsam, 8 Double Tuberous-Rooted Begonia, 9 Winter-Flowering Begoni,  10 Hedgehog Cactus, 11 Herbaceous Calceolaria,  12 Chimney Campanula, 13   Perpetual-Flowering Carnation,  14 Celosia,  15 Celsia,  16 Dwarf Chrysanthemum,  17 Star Cineraria,  18  Clivia, 19  Cyclamen, 20  Cytisus or Genista, 21  Daffodil, 22  Erica, 23  Freesia, 24  Fuchsia, 25   Gloxinia, 26  Heliotrope or Cherry Pie, 27  Hippeastrum or Amaryllis, 28   Hyacinth,  29  Hydrangea,  30 Lachenalia or Cape Cowslip, 31 Lilium, 32   Marguerite, 33  Poet's Narcissus, 34 Nemesia, 35 Nerine, 36 Orang, 37   Orchid, 38 Ornithogallum, 39 Zonal Pelargonium or Geranium, 40 Primula, 41   Rose (Baby Dorothy), 42 Salvia, 43 Schizanthus or Butterfly Flower, 44   Solanum, 45  Spiraea, 46 Statice or Sea Lavender, 47 Streptocarpus or Cape Primrose, 48 Trachelium or Blue Throat-Wort, 49 Tulip, 50 Vallota or Scarborough Lily
Wills Flower Culture in Pots 1925 set of 50, very good cond. 20.00 10.00
1 Alcock's Vickys Vimy Bomber, 2 Cobham's DH 50,  3 Hinkler's Avro Avian,  4  "The Spirit of St Louis",  5 DH 71 (Tiger Moth).6 Supermarine Napier S 5 .7   DH Cirrus II Moth.  8 Junkers Monoplane,  9 The "Southern Cross". 10 "Graf Zeppelin", 11 DH Gipsy Moth. 12 Fairey Long Range Monoplane. 13 Supermarine Rolls Royce S 6. 14 Macchi 52 Bis. 15 "Opel" Rocket-driven glider, 16 Dornier Do. X,  17  The R 101,  18  Armstrong Whitworth Argosy,  19   DH 65 (Hound),  20  DH 66 (Hercules),  21 Short Calcutta,  22  Handley Page 40-seater,  23 The "Blue Bird", 24 "The Golden Arrow", 25 Grand Prix Race, Le Mans, 1929, 26  Hon Mrs Victor Bruce at Montlhery, 1929,  27 Irish Grand Prix Race, Dublin, 1929,  28  The "Tiger",  29 Ulster TT Race, 1929 – Carraciola,  30 Ulster TT Race, 1929 - SV Holbrook, 31 Senior TT Race, 1929 - CJP Dodson, 32 Junior TT Race, 1929 - FG Hicks, 33 Lightweight TT Race, 1929 - SA Crabtree, 34 "The Cheltenham Flyer", 35 "Royal Scot", 36   The Glasgow-Leeds Express, 37 The "Queen of Scots", 38 The Nord Express, 39   The Sud Express, 40 The Prince of Wales's Trans-European Journey,  41   "The Atlantic City Flyer",  42  HM Battleship "Queen Elizabeth", 43 HM Battle Cruiser "Hood" ,  44 HM Destroyer "Amazon",  45 HM Submarine K 23, 46   The "Mauretania", 47 The "Bremen", 48 The "Augustus", 49 "Miss England", 50  "The Sea Hawk"
Wills Speed 1930 (Title in White) set of 50 cigarette cards very good condition  70.00 50.00
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Wills Signalling Series 1926 set of 50 cigarette cards, in good condition. 90.00 75.00
The cigarette cards in the set are;  1 Cugnot's Traction Engine,2 Marconi Transmitting Apparatus,3 Vacuum Flask, 4 Arkwright's Spinning Machine, 5 Vacuum Brake, 6 Steam Navvy, 7   Syphon Barometer, 8 Rock Drill,  9 The Croton Dam, New York, 10 Spectroscope, 11 Hobby-Horse, 12 watt's Steam Engine, 13 Microscope, 14   Stevens' Screw Propeller, 15 Safety Lamp, 16 Titan Crane. 17 Wilde's Dynamo, 18 Floating Dock, 19 Five-Needle Telegraph Instrument, 20 The Camera, 21 Grand Piano, 22 X-Ray Apparatus, 23 Auto-Piano, 24 Lifeboat, 25   Cash Register, 26 Howe's Sewing Machine, 27 Pratt's Typewriter, 28 The Croton Dam, New York, 29 Early Reflecting Telescope, 30 Transporter Bridge, 31 Edison's First Phonograph, 32 Electric Light, 33 Grand Piano, 34 Parachute Descent By Garnerin, 1797, 35 Modern Submarine, 36 Steel-Frame Building, 37 Santos-Dumont's Aeroplane Motor, 38 Steam Hammer, 39 Edison's Kinetoscope, 40 Modern Lighthouse Lantern, 41 Hydraulic Press, 42 Incandescent Light, 43 Jacquard Loom, 44 Electric Locomotive, 45 Oil Engine, 46 Steam Turbine, 47 Axminster Carpet Loom, 48 Electric Tram, 49   Sun Motor, 50 Diving Bell
Will`s Famous Inventions 1915 set of 50 very good condition, but 3 cards have a slightly different style of back design, same company, same set, just slight difference in the design of the backs. 50.00 25.00
The cigarette cards in the set is : Wood Anemone, Water Crowfoot, Goldilocks, Yellow Water-Lily, Water Lily, Common Fumitory, Wallflower, Rock Rose, Rock-Rose, Heath Milkwort, Maiden Pink, Purple Clover, Bird's-Foot Trefoil, Meadow-Sweet, Barren Strawberry, Agrimony, Bramble, Purple Loosestrife, Enchanter's Nightshade, Wall Pennywort, Hedge Parsley, Lady's Bedstraw, Teasel, Butterbur, Ox-Eye Daisy, Carline Thistle, Dandelion, Harebell, Common Heath, Cross-Leaved Heath, Centaury, Felwort, Buckbean, Comfrey, Viper's Bugloss, Great Mullein, Foxglove, Ivy-Leaved Toadflax, Yellow Rattle, Eyebright, Wild Thyme, Self-Heal, Hedge Woundwort, Bugle, Rock Sea-Lavender, Sorrel, Spotted Persicaria, Sun Spurge, Arrowhead, Bog Asphodel, Fragrant Orchis & Bee Orchis
Will`s Wild Flowers 1937 complete set of 50 cigarette cards very good Condition 10.00 10.00
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Will`s Railway Locomotives 1930 set of 50 cigarette cards in very good condition 85.00 40.00
The cigarette cards in the set are;: Benbow, Battleship, Centurion, Battleship, Queen Elizabeth, Battleship, Revenge, Battleship, Royal Sovereign, Battleship, Thunderer, Battleship, Hood, Battle Cruiser, Repulse, Battle Cruiser, Cambrian, Light Cruiser, Capetown, Light Cruiser, Carlisle, Light Cruiser, Centaur, Light Cruiser, Ceres, Light Cruiser, Concord, Light Cruiser, Conquest, Light Cruiser, Coventry, Light Cruiser, Despatch, Light Cruiser, Frobisher, Light Cruiser, Vindictive, Light Cruiser, Yarmouth, Light Cruiser, Mackay, Flotilla Leader, Shakespeare, Flotilla Leader, Spenser, Flotilla Leader, Splendid, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Stuart, Flotilla Leader, Telemachus, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Vansittart, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Velox, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Venomous, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Verdun, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Verity, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Veteran, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Wakeful, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Wallace, Flotilla Leader, Walpole, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Warwick, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Westminster, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Whitshed, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Witherington, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Wivern, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Ambrose, Submarine Depot Ship, Argus, Aircraft Carrier, Blenheim, Depot Ship, Blue-Bell, Sloop, Kellett, Surveying Vessel, Laburnum, Sloop, Maidstone, Submarine Depot Ship, Pandora, Submarine Depot Ship, Pegasus, Aircraft Carrier, Snapdragon & Sloop

Ships Badges 1925 set of 50 Cigarette cards  very good condition

40.00 35.00
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Will`s Modern Architecture 1931 complete set of 25 large size cards in excellent condition, lovely images. Sold out
The cigarette cards in the set are : 1 "Battleship" B Hobbs, 2 "Black Speck” ,A Richardson,3 "Bois Roussel"    EC Elliott,  4 "Bookseller"  G Richards,5 "Cave Man"  C Richards, 6 "Challenge", E Smith,7 "Cosmopolitan" J Crouch, 8 "Couvert" C Richards, 9   "Fair Copy"  R Perryman, 10  "Flares"   RA Jones, 11 "Foray" P Beasley, 12 "Foxborough II"  P Beasley, 13 "Foxglove II" G Richards, 14 "Free Fare"    B Hobbs, 15 "Golden Sovereign"  T Weston, 16 "Legend of France" A Richardson, 17  "Mirza II"  H Wragg, 18 "Monument" P Beasley, 19 "Panorama"    P Beasley, 20 "Path of Peace"  M Beary, 21 "Prometheus" W Rickaby, 22 "Rogerstone Castle"   EC Elliott, 23 "Royal Danieli D Moore, 24 "Scottish Union" B Carslake, 25 "Senor" ,J Crouch, 26  "Snake Lightning"  T Hawcroft, 27 "Zoltan" M Beary, 28 "Carlisle" B Carslake, 29 "Contravent" A Tucker, 30   "Helleniqua"  B Guimard, 31 "Kellsboro Jack" D Morgan, 32 "Meadow" T Weston, 33 "Morse Code" D Morgan, 34 "Pasch" G Richards, 35 "Portobello"  P Beasley, 36 "Rockfel" H Wragg, 37 "St Magnus" R Perryman, 38 "Shalfleet"    R Perryman, 39 "Unspeakable" P Beasley, 40  "Waterbird" E Smith.
Will`s Racehorses & Jockeys 1938. set of 40 large size cards issued in 1939 90.00 90.00
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Will`s Products of the World. 1913. by "Pirate Cigarettes" interesting set of 50 cards, very good condition, sharp corners, but some cards have slight dirt marks on backs. Nice item N/A
the cigarette cards in the set are:1 AGK Brown (Athletics). 2 JE Lovelock (Athletics).3 HH Whitlock (Athletics). 4 Len Harvey (Boxing). 5 Benny Lynch (Boxing),  6 J Walsh (Boxing), 7 GO Allen (Cricket), 8 WR Hammond (Cricket), 9 M Leyland (Cricket),10 E Paynter (Cricket),11  P Doherty (football), 12 E Drake (football), 13 D McCulloch (football), 14 F Steele (football), 15  T Walker (football),  16 A Young (football), 17 BC Gadney (Rugby), 18 Cliff Jones (Rugby),19 Prince Obolensky (Rugby),20 RW Shaw (Rugby),21 JA Siggins (Rugby), 22 JW Brough (Rugby),23 G Nepia (Rugby),24 J Sullivan (Rugby),25 Miss Pam Barton (Golf), 26 AH Padgham (Golf), 27 H Thompson (Golf),28 HH The Aga Khan (Horse Racing),29 Earl of Derby (Horse Racing),30 Earl of Lonsdale (Horse Racing), 31 Capt. C Boyd-Rochfort (Horse Racing), 32 J Lawson (Horse Racing), 33 Gordon Richards (Horse Racing), 34 E Smith (Horse Racing), 35 H Wragg (Horse Racing), 36 L Bates (Ice Hockey), 37 Joe Beaton (Ice Hockey), 38 HW Austin (Tennis), 39   FJ Perry (Tennis), 40 Miss Dorothy Round (Tennis), 41 Miss Kathleen Stammers (Tennis), 42 F Dixon and CJP Dodson (Motor Racing), 43 Capt GET Eyston (Motor Racing), 44F Charles (Motor Racing), 45 E Langton (Motor Racing),46   Eric Phelps (Rowing), 47 Miss Phyllis Hardning, 48 N Wainwright (Swimming)
Will`s British Sporting Personalities 1937 set of 48 medium size photographic, cigarette cards  golf, boxing, cricket, etc etc Very good condition 48.00 48.00
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Will`s Birds of brilliant plumage Playing Cards ( red back ) 1914 set of 52 cards, overseas issue very good condition 225.00 225.00
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Will`s Actresses ( All red front ) 1905 set of 50 cigarette cards in MINT condition 160.00 160.00
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Will`s Arms of the British Empire 1910 set of 50 on white background, pretty set vg 30.00 16.00
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Will`s Borough Arms. 1906 set of 50 third series- second edition. Numbers 101 - 150. 30.00 25.00