Butterflies Girls
This set of 1928 shows beautiful girls with butterfly wings on their backs,
it is not as the title suggests, but instead a very beautiful colourful set of girls,
some cards have back stains, otherwise all are very very good and sharp corners, same as Player's
The Butterflies in the cigarette cards set are :
Swallowtail, Peacock Butterfly, Agernica Amphinome, Evenus Regalis, Chrysiridia, The Marbled White,
The Common Tiger Moth, Ornithoptera Remus, The Large Copper Butterfly, Anclyuris Meboeus, The Red Admiral,
Hectorides Ascanius, The Death's Head Moth, The Purple Emperor, Caligo Illioneus, Metamorpha Dido,
Morpho Archilles, Banded Soldier, Helicopis Acis, Episteme Lectrix, Argganis Pandosa, The Orange Tip,
Cethosia Mahratta, Cydimon Sloanus, Euchromia Polymona, Leptocircus Meges, Indian Leaf Butterfly, Morpho Adonis,
Caerois Chorinaeus, Protogonius Fabius, Eratina Leptocircata, The Silver Studded Blue, Illiades Agenor,
The Brimstone Butterfly, Miniodes Discolor, Catacala Electa, Anteros Achaeus, Euptychia Brixius, Myrina Silenus,
The Painted Lady, The Glanville Fritillary and Parides Oeneas.